Get out of your sex routine with a spicy adventure in role play.


Want to put a little madness in your sex life with an adventure in role play? To get out of your routine, here are some tips and inspirations that should give you a good idea where to begin.

Getting creative

When you’re in a long-term relationship, being creative in the bedroom is not always a priority, sometimes it can be hard enough to make time for a quickie, let along a planned experience. To get out of this vicious circle and boost your libido, let your erotic imagination free by imagining sexy scenarios.

Think of all your fantasies, specifically the unexplored ones. This is a good start to developing a role playing scenario and spice up your sex life. Maybe an encounter with a stranger in a hotel, a walk in the forest, that leads to something unexpected, the fantasy of picking up a sexy hitchhiker… or imagining yourself as the hitchhiker.

It doesn’t matter what your specific fantasies are. The most important thing is to create an impact and fulfil a desire. The purpose of establishing a scario is to break your sexual routine.

Setting the stage

When it comes to your location and setting of choice, be original! Public places, car parks, your workplace, a doctor’s office… It’s up to you to choose the place that will enhance both your excitement and your libido. For example, you can stick to being at home in your bed, but one of you is a sexy nurse to practice very special care Alternatively, the plumber rings the doorbell and you answer in only a towel.

Preparing your partner

Don’t forget to warn your other half in advance, if you’re planning a surprise. Nothing kills the mood like them answering the door with their parents in tow, leaving you all hot, bothered, and very flustered. Do not hesitate to give your partner instructions. There’s nothing better to excite his imagination and increase his excitement! For example, you can ask him to wear a blindfold or use handcuffs on you because he’s the police and you’ve been very naughty…

Take action!

When you’re in the mood, there’s nothing worse than an interruption. Turn off your phones and ignore any outside disruptions. That amazon parcel can wait! Set the scene, play dress up, and indulge yourselves.


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