The pleasure of a happy sex life, together with all its benefits, can easily disappear when we get overwhelmed by the stress of a busy week. Since a healthy sexual life should not be underestimated, we have thought of some naughty ideas to start a wildfire after a tiring week.

Let’s face it. Too often you get home late after a long and stressful working day, and as usual, you tend to put your sex life on the back burner. You are clearly in need of getting sexual but you’re too exhausted to lead your man to the bedroom. Or maybe you are lucky enough to make it before falling asleep, but let’s just say, it was nothing to be proud of. Whatever the scenario, if your life is begging you for some proper sex, you must do something about it!

Thanks god there are weekends!
Weekend is a really good concept. It’s the perfect time to do what you’ve missed during the week and to recover all that lack of sex! Whether with your partner, your lover or your friend-with-benefits, make sure you will find a way to escape from the routine with a wild and nasty weekend!

Here are some ideas for you:

Be creative
Two days with the same person and in the same place can easily get all boring! Be creative, try to turn him on where he will less expect or sort out a candle lit bath. This may sound more romantic than dirty, but trust me, candles, wine and that “sexy bath songs playlist” will definitely knock your socks off!

Dress up
To escape the routine, try to look different than usual. Bring out that negligee / saucy suspender that you keep in the drawer but that you never use! A sexy lingerie is a must to hit things up this weekend!

Talk Dirty
Having silent sex is far from hot and can be the perfect way for a complete turn off! Try instead a perfect-timed dirty talk already before the intercourse and you will see how fast things will heat up!

Toys? OMG Yes!
Using sex toys with your partner is like the cherry on the cake. It makes sex more enjoyable than it already is and let you explore new sensations. Pleasure is certainly mutual, since seeing you enjoy is for him one of the greatest satisfactions. So, make sure you’ll bring that toy out and allow yourself (and your man) some deserved pleasure! If you have any other type of sex toys, don’t be shy and take them out! Dirty weekends are about excess, so the more the merrier!

Go for some porn with your partner! Watching porn with your partner can extremely have a positive effect on your sexual life. Take advantage of this dirty weekend to try something extreme and increase your libido. Obviously, you must both agree and be ready, but honestly? Once you have tried, you will never go back!


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