Who said that Galentine’s Day was exclusively dedicated to your besties? With Valentine’s Day approaching you may crave for some intimate moment with your second partner and in case you are lacking fantasy, we have the perfect excuse for you!

You may have heard of Galentine’s Day. Celebrated on February 13, it was originally the day entirely dedicated to the love and friendship between lady friends. However, things have changed in the recent years, since many women seem to take advantage of this occasion to meet a ‘special friend’ instead of a relaxing day spent on a Spa in company of their best gals. Unlike Mistress Day – the day when unfaithful men provide the perfect night for their mistresses before St Valentine’s – on Galentine’s Day are women to play on both sides and indulge some passionate hours in good company of their adulterous partner.

According to a study conducted by Gleeden, this year 7 out of 10 unfaithful women will spend the February 13 with another man and 74% of them will use the outing with friends as an impeccable alibi.

Where did all begin?

This new “holiday” arises from the American series “Parks and Recreation”. In the episode 16 of the 2nd season its protagonist, Amy Poehler, organizes her annual feast on February 13, “Galentine’s Day”, to celebrate the women of her life and the friendship that unites them.

And from fiction to reality, this crazy “Galentine’s Day” has been celebrated around the globe, including in the UK ending up being even used as an excuse for unfaithful women to go out with their clandestine partners!


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