Gleeden is excited to announce that we have been approached by Renowned Films, who have previously worked with Channel 4, BBC, and Sky creating quality documentaries. They are currently recruiting couples for their newest show which looks at infidelity in modern society.

The series will be non-judgemental and will follow four separate couples over a seven-day therapy period. It is aimed at couples who have experienced some kind of infidelity and are trying to solve their issues. This pioneering approach will feature a leading Relationship Therapist who will meet with the chosen couples to help rejuvenate and reinvent their marriages.

We are looking for one or two couples who have been involved with infidelity in any capacity and would be willing to talk in front of a camera about their story and share their experiences. The documentary will be aired on a major British TV network. So, if you and your partner are interested in participating, contact us ASAP. All participants must live in the United Kingdom.

If you want to participate or have questions about the project, please get in touch at and we can discuss further details! Read more here.

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