emotional dependence

Are you inconsolable following a breakup? Were you emotionally dependent? Are you worried it will happen again? Here are some ways to get out!

If you have been emotionally dependent on your partner, and have recently separated, you’ll be feeling dreadful. Luckily, our relationship experts at Gleeden are here to help.

Emotional dependence: symptoms to watch out for!

To find out if you are emotionally dependent, you may recognise some of the following traits:

  • You feel anxious if you are separated from your other half;
  • When you’re not in contact with your partner you feel abandoned;
  • In a relationship, you tend to blame yourself as soon as something goes wrong;
  • If your sexual performance is not up to par, you feel directly responsible;
  • You struggle to make decisions alone;
  • You seek the approval of your significant other in all aspects of your life, for example what you wear, choices in work, or your social life.

All these signs reflect a strong emotional dependence on your partner. This is characterised by an excessive need to be supported or accompanied…

Basically, this reveals a deep lack of self-confidence. This can especially flare up after a breakup; to shake this off you have to work on yourself and learn how to put yourself first. You have to relearn how to live your life alone. This “convalescence” doesn’t have to mean crying, overeating, or neglecting your well-being either

How to start focussing on yourself

Avoid repeating the same mistakes from past relationships once you meet someone new. It goes without saying that you should not immediately throw yourself into a new relationship right after your breakup! Take the time to rebuild yourself and your confidence, go on some dates, flirt with a stranger, or reconnect with old friends.

Don’t forget to focus on yourself! Explore new solo activities and do all the things you love, especially the ones you didn’t have the time to do while in a relationship. Take up a new sport, go dancing or hiking, go on a holiday to a new country! Enjoy your freedom and treat yourself. You don’t need to wait for any body else’s validation for anything that you do.

And when you feel ready to put yourself back on the market, we hope you’ll think of Gleeden!