The isolation can be harsh for everyone; on the other side, if you are lucky enough to isolate with your partner, it can be a great opportunity to have some intimate time and get freaky in the bedroom!


However, during this pandemic event, it is essential to be well prepared for your naughty quarantine, and make sure you have all the necessary to make it happen! That’s why you need a well-thought-out Sex Emergency Kit!!

Keep on reading to see everything you need to spice things up with your half during this time!

“Wetter is better!”
To enhance your sexual pleasure and a bit of spice in the bedroom bringing lube or any pleasure gel to the bedroom is always a great idea! During such a hard time like the Coronavirus outbreak, it is important to find a way to alleviate the stress and experience deeper sexual sensations. That’s why a pack of lube should be on the top of your shopping list!

Massage oil
Wondering about other ways to ramp the heat in the bedroom? An erotic massage is an answer! Giving your partner luxury treats like a massage is a great approach to show your care and ensure a massive turn on for both of you! So, ensure you won’t forget the oil!

Dress up!
You may wonder why taking care of your clothing if you’re not supposed to go anywhere. Wrong! On the contrary, because you’ll be locked down in the house you should alternate what you wear to cope with the monotony!

Nice and sexy home clothing: Being well dressed in the house is a good way to feel good with yourself and a chance for your partner to feast his eyes each time you pass around.

Sexy Lingerie: even if you’re not a lingerie person, make sure you will pop over a sexy shop before starting your quarantine and buy that Whisper Teddy you’ve been dubiously thinking about. Yes, Girl! It is finally time to put that breath-taking lingerie and start a wildfire in the house!

Roleplay costumes: Quarantine is a great occasion to go beyond the limits with your partner and try something new! So why not some role-playing? A bit of imagination and creativity together with a naughty costume is the perfect match for a hot and provocative night with your partner! So, when popping over the sexy shop, don’t think twice and get that illegal police lingerie! You won’t regret it!

Wine, lots of wine
Last but not least… Alcohol!
It has been proven that wine (especially red wine) makes people honey. So, for your perfect dirty quarantine, make sure you’ll have an abundant reserve of this magic drink!


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