Whether is your new crush or a long-term relationship, make sure you will keep the sparkle on… with a sensual and intimate massage!


Sometimes, there are not enough words to express how you feel about your partner, and that’s when the body language comes into play! Body language, however, is not only about gestures or facial expressions. Sometimes, in fact, you can tell a lot with a sensual and intimate touch! Whether you feel like spicing things up or you simply want to show your care to your partner, a relaxing massage is always a great idea to give him the night of his life!
Keep on reading and be prepared for an amazing erotic night!

Well, even though you feel confident in giving massages, you should not neglect the contest! Preparing a calming atmosphere is essential if you want the best out of this special evening. At the same time, he will feel honoured and special by your effort. So, clean up the room, put on some relaxing music and most importantly, don’t forget about the candles!

Massage Oil
Essential ingredient for your erotic night? Massage oil, of course! To ensure the maximum of sensuality, your hands must slide easily on his body, that’s why you can’t think of a massage to your significant other without some oil.

Now that you have everything you need; you may want to know where to start! Giving a proper massage is a skill and can be tricky, especially if you want it to be perfect. First and foremost, relax! The fact that you want to please your partner does not mean that you won’t enjoy! Follow the tips below, chill, and get ready for the payback!

  • 1. Head Massage
    There is absolutely no need to start with the sensitive parts of the body. To ensure the maximum of relaxation it is best to proceed progressively. Starting by ribbing delicately the temples and the forehead, it will be like a warmup before the actual race! So, be patient and make sure you will enjoy the process.
  • 2. Neck, back and shoulders
    It is not a massage without relaxing the neck and the shoulders. Make sure your touch will be gentle and delicate. Starting from the neck, gracefully go down to the shoulders. At this level you can softly reach his ear or shoulders with your mouth and start kissing. He will be turned on in no time!
  • 3. Butt Massage
    This is an extremely erotic area, and if you’ll follow the previous steps you could expect to be wall slammed before ending your massage! Some males, however, are intimidated by if you’ll be stroking their butt. However, if you will do it elegantly and sensitively, he will feel immobilized by the pleasure and will be all yours!

At this point, you hold the cards! Decide whether to proceed with the massage or… to let the games begin.


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